My Term So Far

This term has been extremely fulfilling so far despite being merely approximately five weeks short. In just over a month, I have learnt countless new things and had plenty of new experiences.

Week 6 (3)

Compared to the previous term, I would say the subjects this term are harder, particularly Chemistry 2. Chemistry 1, which my class completed last term, is much easier without a doubt. Foundation English has also turned up a notch with the introduction of presentations and citations. Fortunately, English is my first language, as a result, it does not present a problem. In my opinion, the sciences are always more difficult compared to the other subjects, like Computer Information Technology (CIT). Furthermore, having done some CIT in the relatively recent past, I am fairly comfortable with the subject. I am delighted to say that there will be no more science based subjects in my final term.

Personally, I probably took too much time to kick start the term in an academic sense. Having gone home to Singapore for almost a month in December to January, I really struggled to get myself out of the state of relaxation. Additionally, I felt more homesick than ever after such a magnificent few weeks back home with my family and the other individuals who I hold closest to my heart. However, after travelling to the French Alps and Vienna, the capital city of Austria, during the very recent mid-term break, I am re-energised and ready to take on the impending coursework and exams.

Week 6.jpg

I spent the majority of my mid-term break snowboarding on the French Alps. Interestingly, it was my first time doing so and was a major challenge. I must have spent most of my first couple of days on the mountains falling down and getting back up. I recall feeling extremely demoralised at some points, even wanting to quit and switch to skiing. In hindsight, I’m glad I decided to stick to snowboarding, and succeeded at almost perfecting the basics towards my final day on the slopes. Snowboarding actually reminded me of the reward of perseverance, especially when you put your heart to the matter at hand.

With regards to my class, there is a day in particular that I remember. It was one of my classmate’s birthday and the class came together to purchase him a delicious chocolate cake and a card on which the whole class wrote wishes. Undoubtedly, one party had to initiate the act, but, it was nice to see the class so co-operative and the pure joy on the faces of each and every person. Even our teacher couldn’t hide his satisfaction. On a separate note, my classmates are friendly and helpful. Nobody would reject you if you asked them for help. I am truly lucky to be part of such a pleasant group of individuals.

Week 6 (2)

On the topic of Universities, I have been conditionally offered a place in three of my choices thus far, with one rejection. I am anxiously awaiting to hear from the final University as that is the one I would like to study in the most. Additionally I have good friends there which is an added attraction to the school. My fingers are crossed.

With a week or two over three months left in my science foundation course here in Bellerbys College Brighton, I intend to do my all to attain the best results I possibly can and have the best summer of my life thereafter. With trips to Los Angeles and back home to Singapore lined up, I have plenty to look forward to. Not to forget, University awaits.