CIT Classes In Bellerbys

The importance of information technology cannot be understated in modern times. Microsoft office is widely utilised, from universities to offices, and, CIT teaches us the basics of these applications. Thus far, my class has completed the Microsoft excel aspect of the course with Microsoft word up next.

week 5

Most would assume that classes on Microsoft office would be simple for people of my generation, however, despite being exposed to technology from an early age, that is not to be with the massive abundance of formulas and shortcuts we never knew existed. Fortunately for me, I have attended classes on these topics in the recent past and have learnt a good chunk of what has and is being taught in class. Having said that, it is still extremely useful to use these lessons to refresh my memory and further improve my skills with regards to Microsoft office.

week 5 (2)

My teacher, Ms Musgrove, is a very encouraging and patient teacher whom more than adequately guides us through the confusing maze that is Microsoft office. She treats us like adults, allowing us to do the assigned exercises ourselves while keeping an eye out for students who may need some help or direction when lost.