Foundation English

week 4

Having done a Diploma of Commerce in the recent past, I have been extremely comfortable with the Foundation English classes here at Bellerbys College Brighton. Academic English is vastly different from general English and it’s always useful to have more practice. For instance, the use of casual and personal language such as I and you are forbidden.

 As my first language is English, Foundation English classes are relatively relaxing for me. Additionally, I do enjoy writing and Foundation English encompasses of plenty of that, from cause and effect essays to synthesis. Despite being used to this level of English, my teacher, Mr Ross, constantly pushes for more and does not let me rest on my laurels. Furthermore, Mr Ross attempts to be as engaging as possible with the class, allowing ease of speech and more. This has led to the class becoming more involved with discussions which can be rather captivating at times.

week 4(2).jpg

I excitedly look forward to the next half of Foundation English in which a few interesting assignments await. A couple of examples are the extended essay to be done on a subject of our choice, and, the short presentation which will be due much sooner.


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