Studying Across The Globe

Coming from Singapore, which is half the world away from the UK, one would expect to have to adapt to countless various aspects of life, particularly with education.

week 2(2)

Interestingly, the UK used to own Singapore before its independence, leading to my country utilising the UK as a foundation to build on for many matters. Undoubtedly, there are noticeable differences between the main education systems of both counties. However, having studied in an international school back home, I am well accustomed to the way things are done in school here in Bellerbys College Brighton. For instance, we had classes of the same size, students from all over the world, and, identical holiday periods.

Week 2

On a separate note, Bellerbys College Brighton is a tiny school compared to the international school I spent a few years at back home. My previous school had an abundance of facilities on campus such as a full football field, an adequate gym, and, more. Having said that, UK is an extremely nice place to study in and I’m very glad to be here.


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