Main Subjects and Thoughts

The main subjects I’m currently studying at Bellerbys College Brighton are the sciences; chemistry, cell biology, and physiology. As I am striving to pursue a degree, and potentially a masters and PhD, in nutrition and food science, these sciences will be extremely useful for me in the near and far future, particularly cell biology and physiology, which largely focuses on the human body.

week 3

Having not studied science for approximately five years, it was not easy at the beginning. I had to dilligently refresh my memory regarding basic theories of science to rebuild my foundation on the subjects at hand. Fortunately for me, I succeeded in doing so. Additionally, teachers at the college are without doubt patient and helpful, assisting me without hesitation whenever I had any queries, and, ensuring I was confident enough to complete the various academic tasks assigned to me.

week 3(3).jpg

I strive to continue to excel in the rest of my foundation and am encouraged by the progress I’ve made thus far.


Studying Across The Globe

Coming from Singapore, which is half the world away from the UK, one would expect to have to adapt to countless various aspects of life, particularly with education.

week 2(2)

Interestingly, the UK used to own Singapore before its independence, leading to my country utilising the UK as a foundation to build on for many matters. Undoubtedly, there are noticeable differences between the main education systems of both counties. However, having studied in an international school back home, I am well accustomed to the way things are done in school here in Bellerbys College Brighton. For instance, we had classes of the same size, students from all over the world, and, identical holiday periods.

Week 2

On a separate note, Bellerbys College Brighton is a tiny school compared to the international school I spent a few years at back home. My previous school had an abundance of facilities on campus such as a full football field, an adequate gym, and, more. Having said that, UK is an extremely nice place to study in and I’m very glad to be here.

Experiencing UK


CIT Week 1

I have been beyond content with my time in the UK thus far. There are always interesting things going on, from massive gigs to amazing food fairs. Additionally, coming from Singapore, in which it’s approximately a hot 30 to 40 degrees Celsius all year round, the climate in this part of the world is much welcomed.

Brighton has not disappointed. I find this part of the UK extremely relaxing. A huge contrast from my home country; an urban jungle where majority of the population are constantly rushing from one place to another. Furthermore, there are not shortages of amenities, restaurants, etc.

I plan to finish my degree in nutrition and dietetics, and, potentially more in the UK. Also, there’s undoubtedly no better time to explore Europe. In my first three months in the UK, I travelled to Paris. I hope to be able to visit most of Europe in my years of studying here.